Your step by step guide

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Frozen to plate

Serve a delicious dish within a few steps

SUPPER has been developed in such a way that you go through the same steps for every dish, super convenient!  

The instruction card tells you everything you need to know.


When the order comes in, you simply follow the steps below:  

Take the meal(s) out of the freezer and remove the banderol

  1. Prick 1 hole in each component 
  2. Place each component in the middle of the microwave 
  3. Start the right program > see instruction card
    NOTE: only dishes with the same program can be heated at the same time with the X2 function
  4. Take the dishes out of the microwave when the program is finished
  5. When the entire order is heated, you can start plating
    Always keep the order of the instruction card and look at the picture
    NOTE: leave the seal of the packaging closed until the whole order is ready, so the dish stays warm!
  6. Finish the dish with the fresh and crunchy toppings