Microwave cleaning instructions

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Take good care of your new team mate (the SUPPER power oven)


  • ONLY use mild cleaning, for microwave 
  • ONLY use the soft side of sponge 
  • NEVER use a steel sponge 


daily cleaning:  

  1. Clean the inside of the door with the soft side of a sponge so that foil does not get damaged. 
    All the edges of the door.  
  2. Entire inside of the microwave, including the edges and corners. 
  3. Ceiling / top; Use the clips to remove the top. The top be washed in the dishwashing machine.  
  4. Dry with paper/tork until completely dry and carefully place back in the microwave.


daily cleaning:  

  1. Clean the outside of the microwave with a mild kitchen cleaner. Don’t forget the hand contact points (also inside handle) !  


  1. Unscrew the filter at the front (under door), remove from microwave clean with a dry cloth.