SUPPER stands for:

  1. Quality
  2. Sustainability
  3. Simplicity

SUPPER develops meals and snacks for the food service industry. Each meal meets strict quality standards and is frozen (per piece) within a short time to far below 0°C.

Each dish is individually packed and consists of two components. A special program has been developed for each component to properly regenerate the dish within minutes, directly from the freezer and therefore without food waste!

Each dish is topped off with fresh and crunchy toppings, selected based on your target audience and style.

The SUPPER instruction cards provide all the information needed to serve the dish correctly.

SUPPER works in every segment, is effortlessly operational 24/7 and the system can be operated by anyone.

SUPPER saves on personnel costs and staffing.

SUPPER works for high and low traffic locations.

The SUPPER system: quality food at the touch of a button!

The facts are:

– SUPPER is operationally live within a day.

– It is highly scalable through our “train the trainer” program.

– Suitable for 24/7 food offering.

– Can be operated by anyone using simple instructions.

– 1 employee serves >80 couverts per evening shift with our standard booth.

– The SUPPER system minimizes food waste.

– You don’t need (/ hardly need) management to keep it running.

  • SUPPER means speed, standard quality and convenience; that includes a functional space!
  • We have used every cm2 in the SUPPER booth design (kitchen design).
  • From ticket to serving a warm plate of fantastic food, always on time!
  • SUPPER works: frozen to plate; so nothing is thawed and nothing wasted.
  • Each meal follows the same process and can be served within 7 minutes!
  • The flow goes like this:



  • SUPPER works in any kitchen or pantry
  • Our booth is modular and can be installed completely or per part
  • All modules together bring the perfect SUPPER flow in the most efficient arrangement
  • The SUPPER booth comes in small, medium and large
  • We define the zones: freezer room, saladiere/saladette, dry toppings, instruction, microwaves and frames, trash can, plate warmer


Small < 40 couverts

Medium < 80 couverts

Large > 100 courverts


All designs can be operated by 1 person. Optional extra support during peak hours.


  • For our smallest booth we only need 2 meters of working area!
  • In the middle of the room, against a wall or in a corner; SUPPER fits everywhere
  • Everything is modular and drawn up, installed and maintained by our SUPPER partner as desired.


Our frozen meals are produced with care according to the highest certification, and only using fresh ingredients. We monitor the quality and nutritional values of our meals based on our quality standards. The temperature of all meal components are shock-frozen to -60°C immediately after preparation. This ensures that the texture and taste of the meal remains intact.

In this way we can guarantee that each component is optimally frozen, regenerated in the right way and can be presented as attractively as possible. In general, protein components require a different cooking time than rice, vegetables and grains.

No. Our microwave is the most advanced model and is proudly called the “gastro oven”. The meals are brought to serving temperature in small steps from -18, so that taste and texture remain optimal and all nutritional values are preserved. Our microwave programs have been developed with great care.


We deliver without charge from 6 boxes. Each box contains 16 dishes.

There is no minimum in the number of boxes you can order. Orders < 6 boxes will come with a transport fee.

No. You can order meals, snacks, SUPPER hardware and services via our webshop. We act as a platform where you can arrange everything and where you can also go for direct requests for help.


Once you place an order; you will receive a confirmation. Our logistics partner will then keep you up-to-date on the status of your order. In addition, you will always receive a Track and Trace code with real-time information!

SUPPER delivers throughout the Benelux!

Do you place your order before 14:00? Then your order will be delivered the next day!

SUPPER delivers carriage paid (without costs) for orders of 6 or more boxes. For smaller orders, there will be some costs added to your order.

For most of our SUPPER customers this is not a problem; we supply frozen products with a long shelf life!


SUPPER offers a wide choice of dishes with options for various segments, target groups, cultures and seasons. Together we look which dishes suit your company best. Take a look in the shop to see the current SUPPER assortment!

In the shop you can see the current SUPPER assortment. We would like to welcome you at the SUPPER-HQ to taste a selection of our top dishes. We can also organize a tasting on location! Book your tasting here.

When you have an account, you see all product information (from ingredient, to allergens and nutritional values) with the corresponding prices.

That’s up to you! Menu changes are extremely easy as every dish is prepared in the same order of 6 simple steps!

That depends on the annual purchase volume. If that is high enough, or if your company commits to a minimum production, we are happy to develop custom dishes. However, this step is often not necessary due to our extensive range. Please do not hesitate to contact us for specific questions.

Kitchen and Equipment

No. It is important to know that the doors of the freezer are opened several times during service. We therefore recommend a powerful model, such as a catering freezer with energy efficiency class A+. Freezer drawers are also suitable. Doubts? We are happy to advise!

SUPPER is suitable for any pantry, kitchen and professional catering environment. Our modular system fits everywhere. We like to think along about things such as connection values, kitchen drawings and adjustments.

No. All microwaves have a backup. In case of problems, the SUPPER team is ready for assistance.

We provide our microwave ready for use, based on the menu that you have selected. You can get started right away and only have to operate the microwave.

We upgrade and update your microwave programs with new versions, based on developments.


The SUPPER system does not depend on trained personnel or a professionally equipped kitchen. This makes it suitable for almost every segment and concept, from 4-star hotels to room service and bar menu.


Yes. It is always possible to book additional training sessions when SUPPER is live within your organization, for example in case of turnover or expansion. In addition to the standard training, we also offer the ‘train the trainer’ program, where one to three people within your team are trained to become a SUPPER hero and can provide training within your organization.

The abbreviation SOP stands for “standard operating procedure” and is a written work instruction that describes in detail how a certain action should be performed, with the aim of creating uniformity in the execution of the action and therefore in its final result.

You will have access to all our SUPPER SOPs and our support team is happy to customize them for you!


Our SUPPER Heroes are ready for you and your team. In addition, the SUPPER manual and the online learning environment can be consulted, or an appointment can be scheduled via the website. On working days we will respond to your questions within 24 hours and in most cases can assist remotely.