Turn any employee into a chef

Outstanding meals and snacks at the touch of a button

SUPPER puts an end to your menu struggles

SUPPER understands the daily struggles and challenges in hospitality and was committed to come up with a recipe for success:

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  • Elevates guest service level
  • Saves on staff and F&B
  • 24/7 food, served within 10 minutes
  • Zero food waste; frozen to plate
  • Quality food, every minute of the day

Eye-catching and mouth watering

All SUPPER dishes are developed and produced by a team of Michelin-star level chefs and food innovators. Resulting in super delicious food art on a plate. Fresh, crunchy, colorful, tasteful and well balanced. Every single time. Prepared by any one of your employees. Can you believe it?

Our dishes

Super SUPPER system

When we say ‘go live within one day’, we mean it. Simply sign up, order, get the dishes and hardware delivered, follow a supereasy training and serve your first delicious dish within 24 hours. Nothing beats our system

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